Track net profit in real-time, and duplicate and share reports with One-Click Report 🤩

Check out the key improvements we’ve recently made to One-Click Report to help you make the most out of the tool: ## View and Track your Net Profit The **Net Profit** metric is a **blended metric** that is calculated as: ![OCR-Update-1.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/13572/inline-f3b275851f36f27983af0ee88cbd8919.jpg) You can select it in any of the metric drop-down menus within the tool’s editing page: ![OCR-Update-2.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/13572/inline-8ea9f319efe18df04d0545a7ef79f58d.jpg) Apart from **Net Profit**, we’ve also added new Shopify metrics to the menu: * Landed Costs * Returns * Net Sales * ARPC (Average Revenue Per Customer) * NC-ARPC (Average Revenue Per New Customer) ## Duplicate a Report If you want to use an existing report template for the other ad accounts you manage, you can simply duplicate the report instead of starting all over again for each account. On One-Click Report’s main page, locate the report you want to duplicate and click the corresponding three-dot icon on the right: ![OCR-Update-3.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/13572/inline-5081fd907b7cfb8089b050ad639a7b45.jpg) Then, select **Duplicate**: ![OCR-Update-4.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/13572/inline-8fd25775257e55e8c520f73d4c6898c6.jpg) The new copy of the report will appear at the top of the same table. You can then edit it to change the data sources, including the ad accounts and channels. ## Share Your Reports in an Instant On the main page, click the same three-dot icon in the rightmost column of the table, then select **Share**: ![OCR-Update-5.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/13572/inline-40719e9e258e6fc5a540668fb1e5b4e6.jpg) A window will pop up where you’ll have the option to share it through a link or by downloading the report as a pdf: ![OCR-Update-6.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/13572/inline-0bdd6d632860b82a2021d3ced31f60bc.jpg) If you click the same report on the tool’s main page, you’ll be taken to the preview page, where you also have the option to share it: ![OCR-Update-7.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/13572/inline-8b927dcb51558900fb9f8cadd9d2425c.jpg)