Most-requested feature now available: create ads in Madgicx ✏️

You asked, we listened: new ad creation from within the Madgicx app was the most requested feature and it is now available to ALL users 🔥 Create and launch data-driven ads from scratch with Madgicx 🙌 Madgicx’s ad creation tool unifies data so you can get a clearer picture of which creatives and ad copy are performing best and then capitalize on these insights when creating new ads. The tool allows you to create new high-converting ads from scratch. Find the Ad Launcher in the “Launchers” part of the menu. Then click on the “Create New Ads” from Creative Clusters. ![Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 10.17.04.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/17844/inline-9d872932c468522e199ff7c595af356d.jpg) From here, you will be redirected to choose a creative for your ad. You can choose one of your videos and images from your existing library (ones you’ve already uploaded to Meta Ads Manager) and you can see the ones you’ve already used in ads before. If you want to upload a new creative (video or image), click the “Upload File” button above your creative library. ![Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 19.42.04.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/17844/inline-33e153c79c1e7135477709ede5409eee.jpg) Create and launch brand new ads using data about your previous copy and creatives to assess what worked. Use this data to guide decisions about the new ads you create, taking inspiration from what worked and even incorporating the same elements. Learn more about how to create ads in Madgicx ![Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 19.27.28.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/17844/inline-fba1536c02f075defc0f633589e6409c.jpg)