🤼 Get multi-channel reports now across different ad accounts

Track the performance across all the accounts you manage. ![Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 17.40.54.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/18216/inline-6ab840f7b3619d7a408a38913b5a642b.jpg) New blended metrics make it possible to create reports to compare different Facebook accounts by the number of purchases, cost per purchase, ROAS, leads, and cost per leads. This new feature is for agencies that want to create a report which will contain all their Facebook client accounts in one report. ## 📏 New metrics now available Madgicx’s product team added a few new metrics for Facebook, such as “Appointment Scheduled” and “Cost per Appointment Scheduled”. ![Group 3 (1).png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/18216/inline-af368421c414097f246b6a9482bf0fd1.jpg)