New AI Marketer tasks: scale winning creatives, optimize acquisition budgets πŸ†

Keep your budgets protected and don't miss out on scaling opportunities with these new recommendations from your personal media buyer: ## πŸ† Winner found in your creative testing campaign If you launch creative testing campaigns from Madgicx, AI Marketer can now identify your winning ad to help you quickly launch it into new ad sets and double down on its profit potential: ![Sleekplan - AIM new tasks 22.3.23 (A).png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/19142/inline-ef9ec22d269481bc21d8641d792842a4.jpg) ## πŸ“‰ Reduce acquisition budgets for underperforming assets To prevent your acquisition budgets from going to waste, AI Marketer now has 2 new tasks to help you make the right changes to your ad spend when needed. First is reducing the budget for underperforming assets: ![Sleekplan - AIM new tasks 22.3.23 (B).png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/19142/inline-5f8b83de88d451471c5a356c8679847a.jpg) ## πŸ“ˆ Scale acquisition budgets for high-performing assets For winning ad sets and campaigns, on the other hand, the tool will allow you to scale them all at once: ![Sleekplan - AIM new tasks 22.3.23 (C).png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/19142/inline-a26fc1e3bcfdaae37e1ef2d633eb5c04.jpg) ## ☎️ Contact Business Manager admin to connect Madgicx Lastly, AI Marketer will now prompt you to grant Madgicx the necessary permissions in case you haven’t yet or if there's an issue with the existing ones. This will help prevent issues with using Madgicx and ensure the app will work properly for your ad account. ![Sleekplan - AIM new tasks 22.3.23 (D).png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/19142/inline-1bd335cbebd3f620e819e72d59c03831.jpg)