🤖 Automation update: Compare value with funnel-stage performance

**Big update in our Automation tool! 📣 😎** With this new update, instead of just comparing conditions with your account's overall average, you now have the ability to benchmark against averages from the relevant funnel stage 🎯 **Why does this matter?** You shouldn't compare performance of prospecting ads, ad sets, and campaigns with that of your retargeting and retention ones! You would usually invest more money in acquiring new customers - even if the results aren't just there yet. Also, prospecting campaigns require much more testing than later in the funnel, which means, again, higher budgets and a risk of worse results. Hence, when creating automations for prospecting, you should set the conditions based on the results you usually see in prospecting, not across your entire account. ![Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 13.24.09.png-9346](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/24070/inline-9f10c04cf2ca332b74405747c5066d18.jpg)