📈 OCR update: Trend visualization in tables, more Google conversions and even more metrics

We've got lots of exciting new features for you today. So, without further ado, let's dive right in! 🎉👇 ## **📈 Trends in tables: ** This update allows you to immediately see whether a metric has improved or deteriorated over a specific time frame. ## **🚨 New metrics alert:** As per your request, we've added more Shopify and blended metrics: LTV, LTV/CAC, LTV/NC-CAC, APRC, NC-ARPC, and CPA, NC-CPA. ## **📊 Expanded Google Ads conversion types:** Whether it's sign-ups, purchases, or calls, we've got you covered! Almost every kind of conversion available through the API is at your fingertips now. To view a specific conversion type, create a filter for the widget you want to view and select the type of conversion you're interested in. Watch the video to learn more 👇 [embed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i71JRa9NYb4&ab_channel=Madgicx] ## **💊 Even more metrics for Meta and TikTok: ** TikTok: * Total Purchase Value, Value per Purchase * Revenue (added to Goal) Meta: * Subscriptions * Subscribe conversion value * Cost per subscription * Trials started * Start Trial conversion value * Cost per trial started * Purchases conversion value * Cost per unique purchase * Cost per app install