📊✨ One-Click Report: NEW blended metrics + Fresh look for reports & pie charts

We just couldn't wait to share our latest updates, baked to perfection just for you! Dive right in 👇 ## 8 NEW blended metrics in the mix 🛍️🚀 Expanding beyond Shopify: Before, key metrics like CPA and ROAS depended on Shopify, placing non-Shopify users at a disadvantage. We've introduced metrics like "CPA (ads only)" and "CPL (ads only)" that are independent of Shopify. The metrics fresh out of the kitchen: CPA (Ads only) CPL (Ads only CPD (Ads only) ROAS (Ads only) Ads Purchases Ads Purchases Value Ads Downloads Ads Leads 📊🔍 View combined data effortlessly: With these new metrics, you can seamlessly combine data from all your ad channels like Meta, TikTok, and Google Ads. For example, "Cost Per Action (ads only)" automatically blends Ad Spend with Ad Purchases, delivering a clear cost per purchase. No more manually calculating each metric across individual ad channels to get the average result! ## Creating a new report 🥣 ⚡ Whip up reports even faster! Enjoy a smoother, more delightful process of cooking up new reports from scratch to finish. We've integrated guiding elements within the report creation to steer you through each step of the process. ## Updated pie charts 🥧 ♨️ Straight out the digital oven! Our fresh new pie charts now conveniently tally up the pie pieces for you, making it easier to see the sum total and ensuring you get spot-on accuracy every time. Watch the video to learn more 👇 [embed: https://youtu.be/yNW__oQq7Lg]