👨‍💻🔥 One-Click Report: A little UI polish!

We're back, bringing you updates tailored for a seamless and elevated experience! Dive in to see what's new 👇 ## 1. Two new breakdowns 📊🔍 **Week with date:** When visualizing data, you will now be able to see the week number and relevant date range alongside it. It's the perfect blend for more detailed insights! **Past period overview for tables and bar charts: ** The new "Past Period" breakdown lets you analyze performance trends for up to the last 90 days in tables and bar charts. You can now get a consolidated view of the key metrics over different time periods without toggling through different widgets. For example, if you observe your CPM trending upwards over time, you can clearly see that it's time to optimize your creatives for better results. ## 2. Sleek sidebar refined and defined ✨🔧 We've revamped the sidebar with the introduction of an Appearance tab right next to your General tab. This new and improved layout separates your metrics from your report appearance customizations, making navigation more organized. Now, there's no need to sift through a lengthy list of metrics just to tweak your visuals! ## 3. Optimized display 💻💫 We've made intentional tweaks to our widget dimensions. Now, instead of an endlessly responsive stretch across ultra-wide screens, we've limited the display width to 1440 pixels. This ensures that everything sits centrally and you always see the full dashboard without any visual compromises. The result? A uniform and seamless view across any device. Watch this video to learn more 👇 [embed: https://youtu.be/2qDMdHhHD3M]