🖼️ 💫 One-Click Report update: 4 NEW templates + upgraded previews

We're always working on ways to elevate your One-Click Reporting game, and we couldn't wait to announce this new update! ## **✨Four sparkling new templates✨** **** 1. 🌐 Ultimate Meta Ads performance:**** Navigate Facebook and Instagram insights with more clarity. **2. 🛍️ Shopify + Meta Ads performance:** Elevate your e-commerce analysis with this dynamic duo! **3. 👥 Lead Generation Brand:** Brands can connect, engage, analyze, and convert like never before. **4. 🕺🏻 My most important TikTok metrics:** Catch the rhythm of trends! And here's the cherry on top 🍒 ... We've ditched the old screenshot previews! Now, when you click on the preview icon for each template, you'll see a preview of the actual report based on your account's data. Reporting never looked this good! Watch this video for more info 👇 [embed: https://youtu.be/TQwLMi0-1pQ]