🐛 Bug Fixes - November 2021

✅ 60 bugs are fixed: * Ads Manager 2.0 is loaded faster; * cutting of the long email on the “Setting” page; * tactic duplication bug; * user was not able to add ads via "Ad selection preview" on the "Ad launcher" page from another ad account; * spent in the mobile app now: 2000 is displayed as 2k and 2.500.000 is displayed as 2.5m; * Facebook devices displaying; * the locations overlapping; * duplicating cloned audience issue; * design issue on the “Audience Launcher” page for the trial users; * 10 audience limit for the trial users; * the "Conversion" widget is not available for "E-commerce" and "Lead Generation" account type, after changing "Campaign Objective" type to "Lead" type; * new error for launching IG posts; * ABO layout; * T&C accepting issue; * “Reautentificate” button issue * Ad Sets matches issue; * Audience launching; * audience presets issue; * Bid testing creation issue; * issue with the “Refresh” button on the “Ads Manager2/0” page; * Ads Manager 2.0 loading issue; * Specific user's issues: :done: * with the CTR metric on the “Creative Insights” page * UTM metrics issue; * with the audience loading; * with the regions list; * with the launching audiences; * “Ads Manager” page displaying; * with downloading the receipt; * with bid testing; * ABO Ad Sets applying issue; * Category and catalog audiences launching; * with new error of strategy triggering; * with the count of the ad sets on the “ABO” page; * with the data displaying on the “ABO” page.