Combine FB + GA Reporting for Immediate & Complete Attribution in the Madgicx App!

We’ve added 2 new sets of metrics to the app to provide you with more accurate tracking of ROAS, revenue, and other KPIs by combining reporting from Google Analytics and the Facebook API! ## “1-Day View” Metrics Madgicx can now show your performance data based on a 1-day view attribution window. Note that it’s only a 1-day view, not including click-based attribution, which means this attribution model isn’t available in Facebook Ads Manager. We’ve added it to help you better understand your customer journey and get a complete picture of your ad performance. The metrics supported by this feature are: * Cost per Purchase * Purchases * Revenue * ROAS You can find them under **Facebook Ads** in the metric drop-down menu OR type “1 day” in the same menu's search bar: ![1-day view metrics.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/9604/inline-012bd8572c47d84876441c7560989b18.jpg) ## Total Attribution That is a unique attribution model exclusive to Madgicx users. It combines all the data points from Google Analytics and Facebook to show you the most accurate figure for the metric you chose. Moreover, this allows us to accurately report conversions even within the first 48 hours after they occur. **How does Madgicx do it?** Our algorithms combine Google Analytics’ click-based attribution with the Facebook API’s view-based attribution to ensure we capture all the customers who interacted with your ad and later triggered a conversion event on your website. This way, we also make sure there is no excessive reporting since we’re using two different attribution models. The metrics supported by this feature are: * Cost per Transaction * Transactions * Revenue You can find them under **Madgicx Metrics** in any metric drop-down menu OR type “total attribution” in the same menu's search bar: ![Total attribution metrics.png](BASE/products/737559414/changelog/9604/inline-5eefe08f9554c2ba9771a2a1e45be3b7.jpg) **Note:** If you still haven’t installed Madgicx Metrics, now it’s the time to do that and power up your Facebook ad attribution. Here you can find a short tutorial on [how to set it up](