Facility Folder - Sparkle

This user is saying that they have alot of creatives and they would like them to be segregated by group. THey we're asking if they can have an option for folder and requesting creatives from there within the Dashboard. It's like the zapier automation tool is similar to your product but it is automation tool. This will help lot of your customers in finding the creatives in respective folders. Madgicx Field - PLEASE PICK ONE!: Sparkle Issue Category: Enhancement Summary (Short Description): Facility Folder with category and can make service request User ID: 27dadfac-c83b-4806-b4a4-5774cef14447873 Loom/FullStory Link: https://app.intercom.com/a/apps/ywppln4d/inbox/inbox/all/conversations/117430502133220 Reported By: Charina Villanueva